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Parking Lot #13 and #14 Renumbering and Equipment Status Update

January 29, 2013

The barrier separating Parking Lot #13 and Parking Lot #14 has been removed to create more parking spaces to those assigned there. The barricade into lot #15 was also removed for overflow if perchance the two lots filled to capacity. Some importation notes regarding this change:

  • With these physical changes to the two parking areas, lots #13 and #14 will be combined into one lot and now be identified as Parking Lot #13.
  • Lot # 15 will remain as a separate lot for daily cash and debit customers as well as overflow from Lot #13
  • If you are assigned to lot #13 and park in lot #15, you must exit via Lot #13’s Cass or Burroughs exits in order to keep your parking access in sequence and not be denied access the next time you enter the lot.
  • Signage changes have already been completed for these areas. Each entrance/exit is identified by the street on which they are located (Parking Lot #13 Cass, Parking Lot #13 Burroughs).
  • This parking lot change may require staff education relating to the new parking lot numbering, update of maps or direction to the parking area (hard copy or on the web), updating of databases which in the past identified this area as PL #14, equipment location identification (Emergency Blue Light Phone, security camera location, etc.), or any other reference to this area as PL #14.

In addition, as you may be aware, both entrances to the parking lot are being updated and retrofitted to have the new OneCard and RFID equipment installed. The new entrance/exit on Cass Avenue will be placed into operation effective Wednesday 1/30/13. Our vendor began working on the Burroughs’s entrance/exit earlier this week. Once the Burroughs’s entrance/exit is complete we will also let you know.

Thank you for your assistance regarding this parking lot update.

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