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Parking Structure #1 Construction Project

April 19, 2010

Beginning in late April 2010 through approximately October 2010, Parking Structure #1 will undergo construction for structural repairs and improvement.  This work will require some changes to the accessibility of the structure.  Initially, the first two floors of the “Assigned” (faculty/staff payroll deduct and student semester parking) section on the east side of the structure will be closed.  Parking in the “assigned” section will be restricted to the third floor and extending to the top floor of the facility.  The southeast assigned entrance will be closed.  The student debit/cash entry points, including the express laneon Palmer have been modified and will be accessible for all users.Swipe your OneCard in the reader as you would at the assigned gates.  The north entry off Cass Ave. and the northeast and southeast stair towers and elevator banks will remain open during approximately the first month of construction. After which, they will be closed as will levels 3-5 of the assigned area throughout the remainder of the construction project.   The sidewalks along the perimeter of the structure will also be affected.  Parts of the northeastern sidewalk, the southeastern sidewalk on Palmer at Cass, and the eastern sidewalk on Cass will be closed during a portion of the construction project.  Because this is a comprehensive project extending throughout the entire structure, there may be periodic isolated closures in the operational stair towers and parking areas during the construction period.  Please be aware of the signage posted throughout the facility and avoid barricaded areas for your safety.  Construction areas may be blocked off beginning as early as Wednesday, April 22. Please look for additional notification to be distributed as necessary regarding the status of the project.