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9-Month Parking Pass Update

May 13, 2010

Permit renewals are now underway for 9 month faculty/staff. Please complete the highlighted areas on the
9-Month Invoice form and return either by mail or in person with payment to the Parking/OneCard Office. Returning the form and payment in person results in faster processing.  You can contact the Parking/OneCard Office at (313) 576-PARK (7275) or visit them in Room 257 of the Welcome Center for more information.

Your parking access will be extended through the payment plan you choose.  Continue to use the hanging tag that you have in your possession, it is good for another year. For those who decide not to renew for the summer, but need parking for Fall 2010, there is nothing for you to do. Your access will be renewed the first pay check for 9 month employees in August 2010.

Note: Your payroll deductions must be current in order to renew your parking assignment for the summer. Please check and make sure you are up to date with your deductions. If not, contact the Parking/OneCard Office.