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Fall 2011 Parking Permit Holders

September 13, 2011


 Welcome to the Fall 2011 parking season which began about a week ago.  I’m writing to update you on the implementation of our new gate technology in many of our structures and lots in addition to several traditional reminders for the beginning of a new academic year.

•     The new hands free (RFID) parking access has been successful in creating a new and convenient way to enter and exit campus parking.  As with most new system implementations, during the first few days we had to make some unanticipated corrections to the software and our operations.  Thank you to those of you who provided valuable feedback to help us improve the system. With almost 7000 RFID tag holders parking daily, the rate of parking issues has dropped from over 100 the first day to less than 30 per day, most of which are now related to typical beginning of the year things like trying to
enter a parking area to which the parker is not assigned, swiping at the wrong reader, or misplacement of the RFID tag.  As we continue to work with individual parker issues, I offer the following reminders that will help everyone have a smooth parking experience:

•        Our new parking technologies are in addition to and did not change past parking requirements, fees and procedures.  Parkers can only enter lots to which they are assigned.  Please contact the parking office at 313-577-1979 or via email at  if you have any questions about where you may park.

•        RFID hangtags must be displayed hanging from the vehicle rearview mirror with the Warrior word mark facing out toward the windshield at all times, allowing for maximum transmission of the hangtag’s identification number to the RFID reader.

•        Metal items and other RFID hangtags (e.g. toll passes) will interfere with the proper operation of the WSU hangtag and should be removed from the windshield area.  RFID hangtags should be placed as close to the windshield as possible and all other items around it should be removed including old WSU hangtags.

•        Your RFID hangtag and your OneCard both operate from the same account. Either device will allow you to enter your assigned parking facility(s). Once through an entry gate, you are not permitted to enter any parking facility again until you exit.  (You cannot use your RFID hangtag or OneCard to provide entry to another vehicle.)  To exit, please use your RFID, but if you experience a problem, your OneCard can also be swiped to exit.

•        Your RFID hangtag is intended to be used as your primary parking access. However, if you switch vehicles and forget your RFID hangtag, your OneCard will work as it has before.  If this occurs, please notify the attendant or call the parking office to prevent the vehicle from being ticketed for not properly displaying your hangtag.

•        When using your RFID hangtag approach the gate slowly and be prepared to stop. Speeds in excess of 1mph may cause failure to read RFID tag.

•        Do not tailgate. Leave room between you and the vehicle in front of you as you approach the gate. A good rule of thumb is ½ car length.

•        If the gate does not open with your RFID hangtag, use your OneCard to enter your assigned parking area. See a parking attendant or call the parking office to notify parking that your hangtag did not work.

•        OneCards and RFID hangtags are intended for the sole use of the individual to which they have been assigned.

RFID hangtags were distributed free to all students, faculty and staff who purchased fall 2011 semester parking or are in the on-going parking program as a part of the transition to the use of new technology.  The new RFID tags do not have an expiration date and will continue to be used each semester provided you are enrolled and paid through the parking program.  For new customers purchasing permit parking beginning in January 2012, there will be a one-time fee of $20.00 for the mandatory RFID tag. This fee will only be applied to individuals who have not already been issued a RFID tag or to those who need a replacement due to damage, loss or theft.

Please continue to provide us feedback as we complete implementation of additional technology this fall including credit card payment and a smart phone app for real-time parking availability.

If you experience problems, please see attendant or call (313) 577-1979