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2012 Summer Parking Construction Projects

May 24, 2012

Parking Services is on the move again!

Wayne State University Parking Services: 2012 Summer Improvement Projects

As part of our continuing effort to improve your parking experience we have scheduled multiple maintenance projects for this summer. Below is a summary of the work we have planned in our parking facilities. For your safety please be aware of the signage posted throughout the facilities and avoid barricaded areas.

Parking Structure #1 - Palmer
Work is already underway. Contractors have begun mobilizing and will close the center ramps on levels 1-5 starting May 29th. The south middle stair/elevator tower will be closed completely. The north middle stair tower will be closed only on level 1. The northwest stair tower will remain open, but east doors will be closed. The northeast vehicle entrance/exit (Gate 1) and the main student/visitor entrance (Gate 3) will be closed throughout construction. Gate 2 for assigned personnel and Gate 4 for student/visitor will remain open. Construction is scheduled to be substantially complete by the end of October.

Parking Structure #2 - Manoogian
Construction work is scheduled to begin May 24th. A maximum of 400 of the 2045 total available parking spaces will be closed at any one time. The stair towers and vehicle entry/exits will remain open at all times. The handicap spaces will be affected by the work, but we will strive to maximize their availability throughout construction. As part of the project, areas on the first three floors will be barricaded. Please park on the upper levels and outside any barricaded areas to avoid the construction zones. Project work for structure #2 is scheduled to be completed in late July or early August.

Parking Structure #3 - Rackham
Construction is scheduled to start May 29th, with the majority of the structure being closed for 4 weeks beginning June 4th. We will, however, maintain pedestrian access to the ADA entrance of the Rackham building and parking spaces for handicapped visitors and employees will be available on level 1. Once the structure reopens, the roof level will remain closed and two of the three stair towers will be open while the third is completed. Project work for structure #3 is scheduled to be complete in late July. During the closure, everyone assigned to structure #3 will be given temporary access to structure #6 (Welcome Center Garage). Additional notifications will be sent and posted at the facility.

Parking Structure #4 – Medical School
Construction will start May 25th with a maximum of 200 of the 1200 total available parking spaces being closed at any one time. Stair towers, elevators and vehicle entry/exits will remain open at all times. Project work for structure #4 is scheduled to be completed in late July. Should the structure become full during construction, parking will be made available in lot #75; the surface lot just west of structure #4 on Canfield.

Parking Structure #5 – Anthony Wayne Drive
Construction will start on May 25th, with levels 3 and 4 closing completely beginning May 29th. The southwest stair tower will be closed during this time. All other stair and elevator towers will remain open. Level 3 will be reopened after approximately four weeks. Project work for structure #5 is scheduled to be completed in late July.

Lots 40 and 50 - Matthaei
Construction is expected to start on May 24th. Lot 50 will be closed beginning May 29th, Lot 40 will close on approximately June 11th. During the closures, everyone assigned to lots 40 and 50 will be given temporary access to the Faculty and Staff area of parking structure #2 (next to Manoogian). Additional notification will be sent and posted at the facilities. Completion for project work on lots 40 and 50 is expected mid-August. …GO WARRIORS!!!

Surface lots – Campus wide
Construction will begin late May. Surface lots will have potholes repaired, be re-graded and restriped where appropriate. As with the other projects, please watch for barricades. Completion for project work on the surface parking lots is expected mid-August.

Throughout these projects, we will strive to maintain the number of handicap spaces and will temporarily allocate other spaces for handicap access where possible.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience during our summer improvement projects. Parking Services is working hard to improve the parking experience for all of our customers.

If you need additional information or have any questions, please contact the parking office via email at parking@wayne.edu or by phone at (313)576-PARK (7275).


-Parking and Transportation Services Department