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Parking tickets issued by Wayne State University Public Safety are eligible for a discount rate if paid within 15 days of issued. Within the 15 days from issuance, you may admit responsibility and pay the WSU fine or admit responsibility with an explanation of why you should not pay the fine. You will receive a decision by mail whether or not you are responsible for paying the fine if you are disputing a ticket.

If you do not pay the fine within the 15 days you will pay a higher rate. Please see the rates below.

Violation/Rate WSU Discount Rate
Parked in prohibited area/no parking $30 $10
Improper parking $30 $10
Blocked alley, driveway, or crosswalk $30 $10
Double parked or double stand $30 $10
Fire hydrant parking violation $30 $10
No standing (anytime) $30 $10
Snow emergency violation $30 $10
Coach stop $30 $10
Overtime parking $20 $5
Parking meter violation $20 $5
Parking in area reserved for handicapped $100 $50
DPW street cleaning $30 $10
Unattended-key in vehicle $30 $10
Unauthorized parking, private property $30 $10
No stopping $30 $10


Payments can be made by mail with a check or money order made out to Wayne State University. Make sure to include your parking ticket with payment.

Wayne State University
Parking Violations Bureau
42 W. Warren, Room 257
Detroit, Michigan 48202


Payments can be made online with a check or credit card at our online payment Webpage. NOTE: Citations may take up to 72 hours from issuance to be processed and posted online for payment.

Payments can be made in person with cash or check/money order made out to Wayne State University. Make sure to bring your parking ticket when delivering payment to:

Welcome Center
Parking Violations Bureau
Room 257

Unpaid Parking Tickets

Students will not be allowed to register for classes until all outstanding parking tickets have been paid. Transcripts of credits will be withheld for students leaving Wayne Sate University with delinquent parking tickets.

Tips on How to Avoid Parking Tickets

  1. Parking regulations are in effect throughout the year.
  1. Parking is prohibited in all student parking areas between 1- 6:30 a.m. Monday through Sunday.
  1. Weekend parking is available for faculty, staff, students and visitors in structure #2 and #8 on Saturdays and Sundays and in structure #6 on Saturdays.
  1. Unless parking facilities are open for a special event, all structures are locked as posted. Hours for each structure may vary. All hours and availability are subject to change.
  1. Wayne State University employees and students are not visitors and are not eligible for visitor parking permits.
  1. Look for the signs designating the type of parking (found at entrances to lots or streets). Read signs.
  1. Look for meters and signs within the parking area that specify the use of an individual space (meters must have parking time paid for, reserved spaces must have the correct permit for the individual space, handicapped must display correct permit and placard).
  1. Notes on the vehicle window and or hazard lights are not honored in lieu of parking in a designated space, displaying a valid permit or payment at meters/ pay lots.
  1. Do not park on grass, sidewalks, beside yellow curbs or fire lanes.
  1. Do not park in areas or beside curbs that do not have markings for spaces.
  1. Do not park in (handicapped) accessible spaces or reserved spaces without the correct permit displayed.
  1. Do not park in the crosshatch area adjacent to (handicapped) accessible spaces.
  1. Do not use a permit purchased or given to you by someone other than Parking and Transportation Services.
  1. Do not use a permit (hangtag) you found.
  1. Do not park in more than one parking space.