Wayne State University


Are the shuttles free?

Yes, the WSU shuttles are free for all students and staff to use. The DMC and Henry Ford Hospital shuttles are also free for all WSU students and staff.

Do I need my OneCard to ride the shuttles?

You should always have your OneCard on your person when you are at Wayne State. The shuttle driver has the authority to ask any person on the bus for identification (OneCard, DMC, or HFH ID) in the case of any suspicious activity.  

Why aren't there set times for the shuttle to be at each stop? 

Our shuttle routes are short and, in a high-traffic neighborhood, it is difficult to stay perfectly on time. Often, we are even early to each stop. We have also implemented live GPS tracking on both routes so that you should always be able to see exactly where the bus is at any time using your laptop or smart phone.

Can my department / student organization reserve a shuttle for our event?

Yes, you can reserve shuttles through Metro Transportation, Inc. The campus shuttles are never pulled off of their route, but if you would like to reserve a shuttle for an event, the Parking and Transportation Services office will assist you. WSU is eligible for discounted rates through our contract with Metro Transportation.

I can't see the live GPS tracking on maps.wayne.edu. Where is it located?

Be sure you select "Shuttle GPS Tracking"  under maps on the sidebar and click the button on the top right of your screen that says "Shuttles." You should then see the bus icons moving around the route.