Wayne State University


Visitor and credit card FAQ

I am visiting campus. Where do I park? Do I have to pay?

Wayne State offers many visitor parking locations, and you can refer to the campus map when planning your visit. 

Yes, everyone must pay to park in the university-owned parking facilities. Please see the rate chart for more information about the rates for our facilities.

Can I view the available parking spaces in a particular parking facility?

Yes, you can see the parking availability at parking structures 1-6; 8; and lots 41, 50 and 75. The Parking Services home page has a link in the side bar or you can click here: WSU Parking Availability. You can also view parking availability via the WSU Mobile app on your Apple or Android mobile device.

What locations accept credit cards only?

Parking Structure 1

  • Gate 3
  • Gate 4
  • Gate 5

Parking Structure 2

  • East Entrance north lane (near PL 41)
  • East Entrance south lane (near PL 41)
  • West reversing entrance (Lodge Service Drive)

Parking Structure 3

Parking Structure 5

  • Anthony Wayne Drive Entrance
  • Kirby Street Entrance

Parking Structure 6

  • Putnam Street East and West Entrance
  • Visitors area (accepts credit card and cash)

Parking Structure 8

  • Pay-on-foot stations (accepts cash and credit cards)

Parking Lot 23

Pay-in-lane station (accepts credit cards ONLY)

Parking Lot 31

  • Pay-in-lane station (accepts credit cards ONLY)

Parking Lot 32

Parking Lot 35

Parking Lot 41

Parking Lot 50

Parking Lot 60

Parking Lot 72

Parking Lot 75

What locations accept cash or coins?

Cash machine locations

  • Parking Lot 11 (west of Cass – north of I-94)
  • Parking Lot 15 (east of Cass – north of I-94)
  • Parking Lot 59 (SE corner of Woodward / John R
  • Parking Structure # 6
  • Parking Structure #8
How does the credit card process work?

To use a credit card, you must swipe an active MasterCard, Visa or Discover card when you enter and then again when you exit. Debit cards with a valid MasterCard, Visa or Discover card will work also. You are charged on entry only.

What is the fee/rate for parking with a credit card?

Click on the following link to view the current parking rates: Parking Rates Chart

Do credit card users get charged a user fee?

Not at this time.

What is the procedure if a credit card customer would like a receipt?

In order to provide the most expedient entry and exit the credit card machines do not issue a receipt. If the customer needs a receipt, they must see an attendant who will issue a hand-written receipt.

Can I get a refund if I use my credit card and decide not to park?

All sales are final. If you pay to enter a facility with any method, you will be charged for the entry.