Lot 57 Construction Update

Construction and testing at Lot 57, Mott Center, is wrapping up and individuals assigned there are able to park in the lot as of Monday, June 18, 2018. We anticipate by the end of the week the gates should be in working order and assigned parkers will be able to enter and exit using your radio frequency identification (RFID) hangtag to raise the gate without swiping.

Note: Assigned parker's OneCards will still work, however please know OneCards and the RFID hangtags work as one media device and must be used in sequence. Enter, then exit, without multiple entries or exits. 

In addition to assigned parking, there is now a OneCard debit reader for individuals who want to pay to park daily rather than by the semester or via payroll deduction. A ticket spitter has been added at the entry with a payment processor at the exit. Visitors can now pay by "credit card only" or get a validation from a participating department if warranted. (Please contact WSU Parking for more regarding the validation program.) Also, a new intercom system has been installed that reports directly to our 24/7 Parking Command Center. This will allow for better customer service should a problem arise. The Parking Command Center can also be reached via telephone at 313-577-1979.     

Thank you for your patience and cooperation while we were under construction. We look forward to the new equipment/technology updates. If you have any questions, please contact us at 313-577-CARD (2273) or parking.wayne.edu.  

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