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Welcome to the event parking request form. Please use this form to request event parking at WSU parking facilities. After you've submitted your request, we will be in contact with you within two business days. (Requests placed after 3 p.m. count as the following business day). For parking requests made less than 10 business days prior to the event, please fill out the form and call Parking Events immediately at (313) 577-4549.

*Note: Applicable rates and fees apply to ALL parking and event parking requests. We cannot guarantee the scheduling of last minute parking requests. If the late request is able to be scheduled, you will incur additional costs. 

It is very important that you communicate any changes regarding your request directly with our office by calling (313) 577-4549. Please refer to the name of your event to make changes to an existing request. All changes must be made at least two (2) business days before the event.

We look forward to making sure your event parking is a great experience for your guests.

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