Currently, parking regulations are enforced by the Wayne State University Police Department (WSUPD) and Wayne State University Parking and Transportation Services (WSUPATS). Violations issued by WSUPD  must be paid, but you may appeal the fine if you are disputing the ticket. Parking tickets issued by WSUPATS  are warnings that the driver has violated a regulation. When a vehicle is warned multiple times by WSUPATS, it will result in a ticket from WSUPD. If you suspect your car has been towed from a WSU facility, contact WSUPD for more information. 

How to avoid parking tickets

WSU Police Seal
  1. Parking regulations are in effect throughout the year.
  2. Parking is prohibited in all student parking areas from 1-6:30 a.m., Monday through Sunday.
  3. Weekend parking is available for faculty, staff, students, and visitors in structures one, two, and eight on Saturday and Sunday, and in structure six on Saturday.
  4. Unless parking facilities are open for a special event, all structures are locked as posted. Hours for each structure may vary. All hours and availability are subject to change.
  5. Wayne State University employees and students are not visitors and are not eligible for visitor parking permits.
  6. Look for the signs designating the type of parking (found at entrances to lots or streets). Please read the signs.
  7. Look for meters and signs within the parking area that specifies the use of an individual space (meters must have parking time paid for, reserved spaces must have the correct permit for the individual space, handicapped must display correct permit and placard).
  8. Notes on the vehicle window; permits not issued by WSUPATS and/or hazard lights are not honored in lieu of parking in a designated space, displaying a valid permit or payment at meters/ pay lots.
  9. Do not park on grass, sidewalks, beside yellow curbs, or fire lanes.
  10. Do not park in areas or beside curbs that do not have markings for spaces.
  11. Do not park in handicapped-accessible spaces or reserved spaces without the correct permit displayed.
  12. Do not park in the crosshatched area adjacent to handicapped-accessible spaces.
  13. Do not use a permit purchased or given to you by someone other than Parking and Transportation Services.
  14. Do not use a permit or tag you found.
  15. Do not park in more than one parking space.