Transportation alternatives

Wayne State is located in Detroit's vibrant Midtown neighborhood. There are many options for getting to, from, and around campus, including DDOT and SMART buses, the QLine streetcar, MoGo (bike share), Zipcar, and more.

Wayne State subsidizes 4-hour Dart and annual MoGo passes for all part- and full-time students and employees, allowing them to ride DDOT and SMART buses, the QLine streetcar, and MoGo bikes for free!

Purchase free Dart passes            Sign up for a free MoGo pass

Please note:

The QLine is currently operating fare-free. You do not need to purchase Dart passes to ride.

You will need to complete the Dart pass request form/process each semester you wish to ride for free. If you do not have a credit card, you can still ride for free by picking up a 31-Day Dart Pass from The W Food Pantry and Wardrobe.

An annual MoGo pass will allow you to take an unlimited number of 60-minute trips for one year. For trips that extend beyond 60 minutes, users pay $0.25 for each additional minute (so, a 60-minute trip is free, but a 70-minute trip would cost you $2.50) until the bike is securely locked in any MoGo station.

For a quick way to begin planning your trips by transit, try the trip planner on or download the Transit app.