WSU fleet vehicles

Parking and Transportation Services manages a fleet of leased vehicles on campus. Departments have the opportunity to lease new vehicles from the State of Michigan at low cost. All vehicles come with a dedicated fuel card and maintenance is included in the lease cost. Departments can pay for their monthly leases with a Standing IRB each fiscal year. Parking and Transportation Services works with departments to order vehicles that will best serve your needs  from compact cars to heavy-duty box trucks and work trucks  and oversees services, policies, leasing/renting and maintenance.

Fleet definitions

Official university business
University business is any regular activity associated with the mission of the university. It includes but is not limited to field trips, visits to other campuses and transport of university documents.

State-owned vehicles
Vehicles owned by the Department of Management and Budget, State of Michigan, and leased to the university for official university business. These vehicles are permanently assigned to university departments.

University-owned vehicles
Vehicles purchased or leased directly from a private dealer by a university department for their exclusive use for university business. Purchase/lease must be approved through Transportation Services before the Purchasing Department processes a purchase order in accordance with university purchasing policies.

If you have any questions or would like to order a vehicle for your department, please contact Transportation Services at 313-577-4348.