Vehicle renting/leasing

State of Michigan Seal

State-owned vehicles are available for lease to departments of the university for long-term use through Transportation Services and the State of Michigan. This is provided the employee driving the vehicle is licensed by the State of Michigan, has experience in handling the type of vehicle and has a satisfactory driving record. Non-employee students are not permitted to use university vehicles. These vehicles are to be used only for official university business. The driver is responsible for the care of the vehicle and all who ride therein. Transfer of driving responsibilities is not authorized. The driver may be held personally responsible for damage to the vehicle and/or injury to anyone involved in an accident involving the vehicle.

State vehicle leasing procedure

Department responsibilities

  • Submit a memo to dean/division head requesting number and type of vehicles needed.
  • Submit IRB covering lease costs.
  • Pick up vehicle at Transportation Services.

College/school/division responsibilities

  • Approve request of department and submit to transportation office for processing.

Transportation responsibilities

  • Determine availability from State of Michigan and order the vehicle.
  • Pick up vehicle(s).

Rentals through Enterprise and Zipcar

To rent a vehicle, WSU employees or departments may use either Enterprise or Zipcar.

The Enterprise location on Second Avenue in New Center offers departmental discounts and direct billing to Wayne State departments. Their current rates can be found here. To arrange a rental, call them at 313-871-0470 or call Transportation Services at 313-577-4348.

WSU employees who are also Zipcar members may use Zipcars for business purposes and pay using a departmental Pro Card or other designated credit card.