Fleet FAQ

  • How do I use my fuel card?

    Fuel cards are issued to each vehicle and are kept either in the vehicle or by your supervisors. Fuel cards may be used like a normal credit card at any gas station or auto shop. You must enter your vehicle's current mileage when prompted by the pump. There is also a passcode, which will be provided to you when you receive your fuel card.

  • I lost the fuel card. What do I do?

    In the event that you lose a fuel card, please contact Parking and Transportation Services at 313-5777-4348 and we will order a new one for you. Do not use another vehicle's card in the meantime.

  • Can I buy oil, antifreeze or other automotive supplies with a fuel card?

    You may purchase these items if your state vehicle needs them. You must contact Parking and Transportation Services to let us know if you make any non-fuel purchases with a fuel card. In the event that your vehicle needs maintenance, you must call Wheels Inc. and have it done.

  • Our state vehicle was in an accident. What should I do?

    In the event that a state vehicle is involved in an accident, the driver should get a copy of the police report from officers on the scene. All vehicles are insured by the State of Michigan and police should be aware of this. Next, the driver or department must call Wheels Inc. at 1-800-937-8149 to report the incident and arrange any necessary repairs. Contact Risk Management with a copy of the police report to follow up.

  • Do we have to report all damage?

    Yes, even if it is a minor scratch or dent, and even if the driver responsible is not known. If it is not worth fixing, that will be for the state and Parking and Transportation Services to decide.

  • Can our department ali equipment to a vehicle we already have?

    To ali equipment to a vehicle, contact Parking and Transportation Services at 313-577-4348 and explain your situation. The state generally does not cover the cost of ali-on equipment after a vehicle is received and your department will also have to justify the installation.

  • Can our department lease any kind of vehicle we want?

    If you want to order a new vehicle, you must go through Parking and Transportation Services first. The selection of models is limited to what the state supplies each model year. They offer all types of vehicles, but proper justification for the specified model is required from any department. Trucks are built to spec for the state and aliitional justification and details are required for any trucks, from pickups to box trucks. WSU cannot request specific makes/models/years from the state; we must work with what they provide in each ordering cycle.

  • Can we order a vehicle for a short period of time without a multi-year lease?

    Contact Parking and Transportation Services to inquire about seasonal leases. The state does provide some seasonal leases, but they are on a first-come, first-served basis. In aliition, these are typically not new vehicles and they are extremely limited in number and type. For shorter rentals and daily use, please use either Enterprise or Zipcar.

  • I drive a fleet vehicle. What am I responsible for on a daily basis?

    Drivers of fleet vehicles must keep track of miles driven, as well as maintenance as per the M.A.P. packet that comes with the vehicle. You are responsible for keeping your vehicle clean on the inside and outside, and making sure that it is treated with care, as if it were your personal vehicle. However, this does not mean you may use it for personal errands.