Fleet maintenance

Departments are responsible for performing all maintenance and repairs to their leased vehicles. All State of Michigan fleet vehicles are insured by the state and routine maintenance and repairs are included in your monthly lease fee.

A maintenance schedule is located in each vehicle's glove compartment in a laminated packet and below this paragraph. Consult this schedule for information on when to perform oil changes, tire rotations and other routine upkeep on each vehicle. Transportation Services staff perform quarterly checks on all fleet vehicles for maintenance, mileage and cleanliness.

Maintenance schedule

All passengers cars and station wagons

  • Oil - 6 months/5,000 miles
  • Lube - 6 months/5,000 miles
  • Tune-up - 25,000 miles

All trucks, vans and mini-buses

  • Oil - 4 months/4,000 miles
  • Lube - 4 months/4,000 miles
  • Tune-up - 20,000 miles

All vehicles

  • Tire Rotation - 15,000 miles

All maintenance and repairs on leased vehicles must be called in and reported to Wheels Inc. at 1-800-937-8149 for record-keeping purposes. In addition, the 1-800 number must be called in the event of any accident or damage to a vehicle.

In the event of an accident or serious damage to a vehicle, the state must first approve any major repairs. If a vehicle is considered a total loss, it will be taken out of service by the State of Michigan. Your department should then contact Transportation Services at 313-577-4348 to arrange for a replacement vehicle.

A set of links regarding maintenance of state vehicles can be found at the State of Michigan DTMB website.