Biking on campus

General biking guidelines

Bicyclists should ride with the flow of traffic, in the street when possible. When biking on sidewalks, malls and pathways, cyclists should exhibit added caution and yield to pedestrians. See the League of Michigan Bicyclist guide, "What Every Michigan Bicyclist Should Know". 

Bicycle parking

Cyclists should use one of the nearly 100 bike racks on or near campus. Anyone who chains their bike to objects not designated for bike parking (i.e. poles, posts, signs, fences, etc.) is subject to citation via the City of Detroit. Bike lockers are available in the parking lot of the Michigan Science Center.

If you would like to recommend a location for our next bike rack, please call 313-577-4348.

Bicycle theft prevention

You may register your bicycle for free at Wayne State University Public Safety, located at 6050 Cass north of I-94, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Just bring your bicycle and a piece of photo ID, and you will be asked to fill out a short form. You will be given a tamper-resistant sticker displaying your bicycle's unique serial number. In the event that your bicycle is stolen and recovered, WSU police will be able to use this serial number to contact and return it to you.

Bicycles on public transit

Many Wayne State students, faculty and residents choose to integrate their cycling into the larger transit framework. All SMART buses and the vast majority of DDOT buses running campus routes accommodate bicycles for free.

Wayne State shuttles are not equipped to accommodate bicycles.

If you are new to biking, you may want to start by reading What Every Michigan Bicyclist Should Know. In addition to Wayne State University's biking guidelines, cyclists must adhere to both local and state laws pertaining to bicycles. In the interest of safety, biking is prohibited in all Wayne State facilities, including parking structures and lots. Additionally, chaining or locking bicycles within parking facilities is prohibited. Violators are subject to citation by WSU Public Safety.