Parking regulations


Parking information must be obtained from Parking Services. Information provided by another source is not considered a valid defense of a parking violation. Enforcement of parking regulations is twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week.


  1. Parking permits are intended for the sole use of the OneCard holder only. Any misuse of parking privileges by students (violation of the Student Code of Conduct) or employees could result in the loss of parking privileges and formal disciplinary charges.

    a)  No person shall make, possess or display an altered or counterfeit permit.
    b)  No person shall possess or display a stolen or found permit.
    c)  No person shall knowingly give false information in the application for a permit.
    d)  No person shall use a permit for any purpose other than that for which it was intended.
    e)  No person shall fail to surrender any permit or OneCard to Parking Services upon demand.

  2. Permits and OneCards CAN NOT be passed to another person.
  3. All vehicles parked in an assigned parking area on campus (other than designated visitor areas) must display a valid university parking permit.
  4. Parking permits are the property of Wayne State University, issued exclusively by Parking Services, and can be confiscated for misuse.
  5. Parking permits may NOT be resold.
  6. The parking permit is valid only when properly displayed and hanging from the rearview mirror (facing outward).
  7. The applicant assumes all responsibility for the safety of his/her transferable permit. Loss of the permit for any reason will require the purchase of a new permit at a non-transferable fee established by the Parking Services Office. Please protect and secure your hanging tag.
  8. The applicant assumes all responsibility for parking tickets issued to the permit, regardless of vehicle user or vehicle used.
  9. Use of a lost or stolen hanging tag is subject to vehicle impoundment, maximum ticket fines, and disciplinary action.
  10. Student permit availability is based and sold on a first-come-first-served basis.
  11. A parking permit is not a guarantee of a parking space close to your building and lack of space never justifies parking illegally. The driver is responsible for finding an authorized parking space.
  12. Parking permits are only valid on vehicles that are operable and display a current license plate registration.
  13. No person operating a motor vehicle on university property shall fail to comply with the provisions of officially posted parking signs or markings unless otherwise directed by a duly appointed enforcement officer of the university.
  14. No person operating a motor vehicle on university property shall park or remain stationary:                    

    a)      On a sidewalk
    b)      On a campus lawn
    c)      In front of a drive
    d)      Within an intersection
    e)      Within 10 feet of a fire hydrant
    f)       On a crosswalk
    g)      Within any traffic or bus lane
    h)      Blocking a handicap ramp
    i)       Beyond the designated space for parking such vehicle and striped areas
    j)       Over the time limit allowed by permit restrictions or posted signs
    k)      Against the flow of traffic

  15. Students and employees are required to register all vehicles being driven on campus to purchase a permit.
  16. The fact that a person parks in violation of any rule and does not receive a violation does not mean that the rule is not in effect. Just because you've parked there before without getting a ticket does not mean it is a legal space.
  17. One permit per person will be issued. Parking permits for additional vehicles will be issued on a space-available basis.
  18. The university reserves the right to close any parking area or roadway for reasons of repair, safety, and other instances as needed. Vehicles parked within such areas closed by barricades, signs, or notifications are subject to towing at the owner's expense.
  19. Notes of explanation left on vehicles to avoid citations will not be honored.
  20. Permits not issued by the Parking and Transportation Department are not valid and cannot be used as a defense to appeal/avoid citations.
  21. Displaying "flashers" (hazard lights) does not make the space a legal one.
  22. Parking in handicap areas without proper vehicle ID issued from the Secretary of State is strictly prohibited at all times. Violators will be cited and possibly towed.
  23. Parking privileges are determined by category according to faculty, staff, student, or guest/visitor status and by space availability. Lot assignments are provided at the time of registration. Note: Employee status classification supersedes all other classifications such as student, alumni, guests, etc. in regards to parking pricing.  Parking Services reserves the right to alter or revoke permit assignments as the needs of the individual or the university change.
  24. The university is not responsible for the care and protection of or damage to any vehicle or its contents when operated or parked on university property. Acceptance of a permit shall constitute an acknowledgment and acceptance of this condition as the privilege to use the university's parking facilities.
  25. If an employee or student leaves or withdraws from the university, the permit must be returned to Parking Services. Prorated refunds are available only on permits returned during the same semester the permit was issued.
  26. Parking facilities are for parking only not for storage of your vehicle. Any vehicle parked for more than seven (7) days without proper notification to the Parking Services Department is subject to ticketing and towing as the vehicle may be considered as stored or abandoned.
  27. Housing residents must be in the assigned-parking program to park in a facility. Violators of this policy will be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense and subject to further disciplinary action for Violation of the Student Code of Conduct.
  28. Using your OneCard debit to park for over 24 hours is a violation of the WSU OneCard and Parking Policy.  Violators will be charged accordingly for services rendered.
  29. Any vehicle parked in a facility must be maintained and presentable. Vehicles must be in operating condition and free of leaks or other issues that could pose a safety hazard. Vehicles must also appear reasonably clean and in decent repair as to avoid excess attention.
  30. The OneCard system is an online program that relies on fiber connections, modems, and underground lines to communicate between the OneCard account server and readers. It is possible for the reader to record and store access and debit transactions that have occurred in offline mode. Offline transactions will be posted to the Cardholder's account after the connection is restored. The Cardholder is responsible for such posted charges that exceed the Cardholder's account balance. The Cardholder is also responsible for any usage charges that post to their OneCard account after all postings are completed.
  31. Any semester parking refund requests must be made within 30 days of the semesters' official end date according to the Academic calendar.
  32. Parking overnight is not permitted without a valid permit.

Special permits

  1. Temporary replacement permits. If you forget your permit, you may pick up a temporary permit from Parking Services for one-day clearance at no cost. Do not park in an assigned lot until a permit is displayed.
  2. Service permits. Departmental service permits will be issued upon request in accordance with demonstrated needs and available spaces. Authorization for additional service permits may be required from the Director of Parking Services. A service permit may only be used in conjunction with your assigned Wayne State University parking permit. These permits cannot be used alone. Holders of service permits may park in services areas for a period of 30 minutes or less, with a one-hour maximum unless otherwise posted. The service permit is not intended to, nor does it give authorization for parking in service areas all day. Violation of this policy could result in the loss of your parking privileges and your service permit being revoked.
  3. Motorcycle permits. A motorcycle permit can be purchased from the Parking Services Office.
  4. Vendor Permits. Vendors who regularly conduct business with the university must register for vendor parking permits at Parking Services.

Lost or stolen permits

A lost/stolen permit can be replaced. The applicant assumes all responsibility for the safety of his/her transferable permit. Loss of the permit for any reason will require the purchase of a new permit at a non-transferable fee established by the Parking Services office. Please protect and secure your hanging tag.

A stolen departmental permit will be replaced without charge if the theft offense was reported to the police (requires police report number, name of the police agency, and date of report). This rule does not apply to stolen RFID hanging tags.


Any ticket issued against a valid permit displayed on a vehicle parked in violations of these regulations as stated will be the responsibility of the registered permit holder unless the permit was previously reported lost or stolen. If the vehicle does not display a valid permit and the operator is not known, the ticket will be the responsibility of the owner.


If a vehicle breakdown, severe weather conditions or personal situation prevents you from moving your vehicle, contact Parking Services at 313-577-1979. To obtain short-term exceptions to parking prohibitions, individuals must immediately notify Parking Services or WSU Police. A vehicle cannot be authorized to remain illegally parked in disabled spaces, blocking traffic lanes, fire lanes, or where it presents a safety hazard.


Parking permits are renewable for each semester. To secure your current assignment for each semester you must renew by the date established by Parking and Transportation Services Department. After that date, parking will be issued according to availability.