Mike Ilitch School of Business Student Parking Options

WSU’s Facilities Planning and Management, Parking and Transportation Services, and Mike Ilitch School of Business have worked diligently with Olympia Development to provide parking options at both Olympia Development’s facilities and WSU-owned facilities. Below is a list of available parking options and costs for the Ilitch School’s students. These rates reflect the ability to purchase daily parking through Olympia via credit card or to continue purchasing parking through Wayne State’s OneCard/Parking Service Center via daily OneCard debit purchases or online semester pass sales. Using any of the WSU options will allow individuals to park for class during downtown events without paying the higher daily rates noted during events.

Student locations available Semester OneCard Debit – Per entry Credit Card
(non-event days)
Credit Card
(event days)
Olympia Development’s Temple West Garage $540 $9 $7 $10-50
Olympia Development’s “D” Garage $540 $9 $7 $10-50

WSU’s Parking Structure 1 with free “express” shuttle access

$222 $4 $8 $8
Rare event fee changes
WSU’s Parking Structure 7 + one on-campus, non-premium structure with free shuttle access $222 $4 for PS 7 only, no additional location with daily fee $3-12 $10-15
WSU’s Parking Structure 6 (Welcome Center) student premium with free shuttle access $285.25 $5 $9 $9
Rare event fee changes
Other WSU non-premium student facilities on main campus with free shuttle access $222 $4 $8 $8
Rare event fee changes
Low cost WSU lots 12, 14 with free shuttle access nearby at IBio. $222 $2 $1-12
Based on time
Based on time

While we understand that there is a significant price difference to use the Olympia Development facilities, they are convenient and close. There are also less-expensive options and we encourage you to explore them. Parking Structure 1 (Palmer and Cass) is our designated Mike Ilitch School of Business park-and-ride point, with express shuttle service to and from the Ilitch School. Shuttles will operate Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., with the last pickup from the Ilitch School at 10:45 p.m. Friday hours will be 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., with the last pick up from the Ilitch School at 5:45 p.m. Shuttles will run approximately every 20 minutes throughout the day and approximately every 10 minutes during peak hours. These shuttles will be added to the WSU app’s shuttle-tracking section for real-time viewing capabilities. Note: Shuttle service will be monitored and adjustments to schedules may be made for efficiency and effectiveness based on ridership.

In addition, anyone wanting to park elsewhere on main campus can use the main campus shuttle. The main campus shuttle will now run in approximately 30-minute intervals and include Parking Structure 7 (Woodward and Mack) and the Ilitch School as part of the main campus route. Using the QLine streetcar system, Detroit Department of Transportation buses and bicycling — both personal or MoGo’s bike share — are other convenient options. For those students with financial challenges, lots 12 and 14 are two low-cost parking options on the north end of campus. See linked map for parking locations: http://maps.wayne.edu/#parking.

Note: Olympia’s Temple West and “D” garages are expected to open for Mike Ilitch School of Business semester and daily parking beginning August 27, 2018. Semester parking for these garages will go on sale beginning Monday, August 6, 2018. Semester parking for WSU main campus parking facilities is on sale now. Semester parking for both Olympia garages and all WSU parking facilities can be purchased at: https://wayne.t2hosted.com/Account/Portal. Patrons who have already purchased their fall semester permit on main campus, who wish to move to an Ilitch School structure, must complete the cancellation form https://forms.wayne.edu/cancellation-request-form/ to cancel their current permit and request a refund. You should then go online to purchase your Ilitch School pass.   

For more information regarding available parking options, please feel free to contact parking@wayne.edu or 313-577-CARD (2273)

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