Student Center Building loading dock driveway and Williams Mall re-paving project

As part of Wayne State University's campus improvements, The Student Center loading dock drive and Williams Mall in front of Ghafari Hall will be re-paved.  This work is much needed and will make vehicle and pedestrian travel safer and more pleasant.

LaSalle Construction is the vendor performing the work under University supervision.  The project will begin on Monday, September 19, 2022, and depending upon the weather, should wrap up in mid-November.  The first phase of the project will be repairing one side of the Student Center loading dock driveway which includes demolition, site improvements, and re-paving.  After this is complete, one side of the Williams Mall sidewalk, stretching all along the front of Ghafari Hall, will be addressed, and then the other side of the Student Center loading dock driveway will be fixed, followed by the other side of the Williams Mall sidewalk.

During the project, one lane will be kept open at all times for deliveries to the Student Center Building dock and the Towers Residential Complex dock.  During the duration of this work, there will be no parking on the Student Center driveway or on either loading dock.  Additionally, there will always be one walking lane open on Williams Mall.

Fencing and barricades will be put up to restrict vehicle and pedestrian traffic after the concrete is poured so that it may set up properly.  There will also be fencing put up at the back and side of Chatsworth to direct people safely away from the building.

This needed work will be done from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekdays.

We are asking everyone in the buildings surrounding this area to keep their windows closed when work is being performed.  LaSalle Construction will be taking measures to keep the dust level down.  There will also be periods of significant noise as the old paving is being removed and emptied into trucks for removal.  The backup signals in the vehicles are also loud.

Also, a portion of Keast Commons will also be fenced off for LaSalle to stage equipment and supplies and this will last the duration of the project.

We know this project will cause some disruptions and appreciate your patience as we work together to make the campus a better place to live and learn.

Please reach out to Brian Fitzgerald, Associate Director of Housing Facilities, if you have any questions or concerns.  He can be reached at



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