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How MoGo Works

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What's MoGo

MoGo is Detroit's public bike sharing service. MoGo launched on May 23, 2017. Through Wayne State's partnership with MoGo, the Wayne State community can receive a $10 discount on an Annual MoGo Pass.

With a MoGo Pass, you have access to a fleet of 430 bikes located at 44 stations located in 10 Detroit neighborhoods, including Wayne State's campus.

MoGo was started here at Wayne State University with a feasibility study (PDF) led by our Office of Economic Development (OED). OED also secured more than $2 million to support the project's launch.

How MoGo Works

MoGo is convenient and easy to use. Simply walk up to any of the 43 stations, insert your member key next to a bike of your choice and pull the bike from the dock.

An Annual MoGo Pass will give you access to an unlimited number of trips of up to 30 minutes for the year. If you use the bike for longer than 30 minutes in a single trip, you will be charged a $2 overage fee per additional half hour.

View the detailed map of stations and their specific locations.

How to Sign Up

Sign up for your $80 ($70 with discount) Annual MoGo Pass online.
Enter all of the required information, including your email address, then enter the gift code Warriors to apply your discount. Cash or credit/debit card payments are accepted. Your member key will be sent to the address you provide. Follow the instructions in the packet to activate your key. You can start riding MoGo while you wait for your key to arrive in the mail. Simply walk up to a station, log into your MoGo account through the Transit App, and select 'Get a Bike'.

For more information about MoGo, please visit You can also follow MoGo on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+