Special needs/disability parking

Parking for special needs customers is available and clearly marked in each lot and structure. To qualify for special needs parking, you must have a State of Michigan issued handicapped mirror placard or plate registered in your name. Permanent placards are issued every four years and temporary placards are issued as needed for a prescribed length of time (one to six months).  

Daily parking

These parking spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis in lots/structures marked "general/daily parking". Patrons must have a valid handicap mirror placard or plate registered in their name and properly displayed to avoid being ticketed.

Assigned parking

Outdoor Parking lot - special needs parking spaces

Assigned parking is also available for special needs parking patrons. Patrons must have a valid handicap mirror placard or plate registered in their name and properly displayed to avoid being ticketed. In addition, assigned parkers should note the information below regarding their parking assignments:

  • It is the responsibility of the parking customer to update their records with the OneCard/Parking Service Center. Those without updated license and/or handicapped placard information may not be able to maintain their parking privileges in certain lots/structures.
  • The handicapped placard on file must have been issued to the person who is purchasing the parking assignment. Placards of friends, family members or other individuals will not be accepted.
  • Students/faculty/staff who require special needs parking assignments in premium parking locations are required to pay the corresponding rates for those locations. 

Faculty/staff (semester pass or payroll deduction)

Faculty/staff who require handicapped parking assignments (semester pass or payroll deduction) are required to bring their driver's license and an updated copy of their handicapped placard to the OneCard and Parking Service Center. Faculty/staff may choose up to three locations on campus where they would like to have parking access. For information about the locations available to faculty/staff with parking assignments, refer to parking.wayne.edu or call 313-577-CARD. Faculty/staff are able to retain their parking assignment in their designated locations as long as they remain in the parking program and have updated their handicapped placard information in the OneCard/Parking Service Center.

Free handicapped parking at meters

Wayne State does not offer free parking to special needs/disabled parkers in our lots and structures. However, some handicapped parkers could qualify for free parking at the metered locations around campus that are run by the City of Detroit. You may not park for free at a metered space unless you have both a permanent parking placard and a yellow free-parking sticker. For information about how to qualify for free parking at metered spaces, please refer to the State of Michigan website. Privately owned parking lots and garages are not obligated to provide free parking under state law.

One-day temporary access

Faculty/staff with a current parking assignment who need one-day temporary access to a particular lot/structure for a work related purpose may call the OneCard/Parking Service Center at 313-577-CARD and request access. You will be required to provide the date and time of the needed access, along with a description of the work-related purpose. Examples of approved work-related reasons for one-day access include: attendance at meetings, training, transporting materials or equipment, program participation, etc. Class attendance is not considered a work-related purpose. Requests will be approved based on availability of spaces in a particular lot/structure and the patron's current parking assignment (if you currently pay for non-premium parking, you may only request one-day access in non-premium locations).