Permit/assigned parking

All full-time and part-time Wayne State University students are eligible for assigned parking. You can purchase a semester parking pass, which allows unlimited entry and exit to an assigned structure/lot. The assigned parking permit does not guarantee you a personal parking space, but ensures that there will always be enough permit spaces within a specific parking structure or lot for you to park.

If you need to change your assigned parking area, please contact the OneCard/Parking Service Center at 313-577-CARD (2273) or stop by the Welcome Center, Room 257. Please note that changes can be made only if space is available.

parking availability sign

Purchasing a permit

Assigned parking is on a prepaid basis at the rates approved by the Board of Governors. You can purchase passes at the OneCard/Parking Service Center in the Welcome Center room 257 with the WSU OneCard or Cash. Those patrons with cash should pay cash at the Cashier's Office (Rm 217) and bring the receipt to the OneCard/Parking Service Center or load the cash onto your OneCard for payment in the Service Center. For your convenience, a OneCard machine is located on the 2nd floor of the Welcome Center outside of the Service Center. You can also purchase passes online using a credit card or a check (no starter checks) Online Web Purchase.

Note: For all new parking customers, there is a one-time, non-refundable/non-transferable user fee for an RFID hangtag that will automatically be added to your parking purchase.

Refunds for pre-paid semester customers

All permit refunds are based on an established, pro-rated weekly refund schedule at Wayne State University, provided your parking account is in good standing with no unpaid parking citations.  Refunds are calculated according to the week your cancellation form is submitted and not to any official termination, leave date, last day of classes attended or when the permit was last used.    Any semester parking refund requests must be made within 30 days of the semesters' official end date according to the Academic calendar.  Refunds will be processed in the order they are received but not necessarily on the day they are received.

Specific payment refund information is as follows:

  • Online credit card and check refunds are issued via the original method; your refund will be returned to your credit card or checking account used to purchase the permit. If the original credit card or checking account is not available or has been canceled/closed, the refund will be issued in the form of a paper check. 
  • For those who paid with funds from your OneCard, your funds will be returned to your OneCard unless you have left or are leaving the University, in which case you will be issued a paper check. For those who paid in the office with cash, you will be issued a paper check by mail.  Refunds cannot be mailed to a WSU departmental campus address.

It can take anywhere from 2 6 weeks for a refund to be fully processed depending how you paid, the amount of refund requests we received, and the time of year your refund is being requested.

Refunds & Unpaid Parking Balances - If a customer has any existing parking balance (i.e., permit &/or fine(s)) owed to the department, the entire refund will be applied to the unpaid balance. If after the refund is applied to the existing balance and a remaining credit exists, it will be processed as a refund to the customer.  At no time will refunds/credits be given to individuals with outstanding parking/citation balances.

The RFID hangtag is non-refundable, does not need to be returned and can be used in future semesters. However, if you know you are not returning to WSU in the future you can return the tag to the OneCard/Parking Service center.

All cancellations must be completed via our online form.  Email requests for cancellations will not be accepted.  Complete the online Cancellation Request form

Refunds for payroll deductions

Permits paid through payroll deduction must be canceled via our online form.  Email requests for cancellations will not be accepted.  Complete the online Cancellation Request form

Specific payment refund information is as follows:

A "stop deduction" will be processed through Payroll.  Note:  timing of the stop of a payroll deduction is entirely based on when payroll is processed.  To ensure you are not charged for an additional pay period, cancellations must be requested at least seven (7) business days before the biweekly pay day.  Requests made after the deadline will not be stopped until the next pay period.  Any unused parking will be refunded from the date your form is submitted.

  • To receive a refund for parking when on leave, the cancellation form must be submitted within 30 days of return.  Documentation of your leave should be emailed to  All requests are reviewed for approval.
  • Cancellation for parking at the Mike Ilitch School of Business structures is effective at the end of the month.  Cancellation for Main Campus structures is effective the date that the cancellation form is submitted to the OneCard/Parking Service Center.
  • By canceling parking, employees will lose their current assigned locations and where applicable their position on any current waiting list(s).  Also, the same parking locations will not be guaranteed if you sign up for payroll deductions in the future.
  • Employees who cancel their payroll deductions must wait 30 days to re-enroll in the parking payroll deductions program.

If an employee is still active with the university, the refund will be on your paycheck.  If an employee is not active with the university a check will be mailed to the address provided on the cancellation form.  Refunds cannot be mailed to a WSU departmental campus address.

The RFID hangtag is non-refundable and does not need to be returned to the OneCard/Parking Service Center unless changing to retiree status. However, if you know you are not returning to WSU in the future you can return the tag to the OneCard/Parking Service center.

Parking RFID hangtags

Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) readers have been installed at high-volume entry and exit points throughout campus. Parking hangtags with embedded RFID chips have been distributed to students and faculty/staff enrolled in the assigned/semester parking program. Hangtags will be read automatically and open the gates as you enter or exit the parking facilities. The RFID hangtag device provides "hands-free" parking access for our customers.

Parking Hang tags

To help ensure proper operation:

  • RFID hangtags must be displayed hanging from the vehicle rearview mirror. Hangtags must be displayed with the WSU Warriors logo facing out (toward the windshield) at all times when the vehicle is parked in a WSU lot or structure
  • Metal and other radio frequency hangtags (toll passes) may interfere with the proper operation of the WSU hangtag. Please remove these items in order for your hangtag to operate without interference. Place the WSU hangtag as close to the windshield as possible. Please remove all other items in front of or behind the WSU hangtag, including old WSU hangtags.
  • In order for your RFID tag to work properly, it must be used in sequence both on entry and exit from the parking area. Failure to use your parking tag in sequence will result in access being denied.
  • Approach the gate slowly and be prepared to stop as equipment takes time to read and register each RFID tag. Speeds in excess of 1 mph may cause failure to read the RFID tag.
  • Do not tailgate. Please leave room between you and the vehicle in front of you as you approach the gate. A good rule of thumb is half a car length.
  • If the gate does not open with your RFID hangtag, use your WSU OneCard to enter the parking area. Press the intercom button located between the card readers on the yellow box or call 313-577-1979 if you need further assistance.
  • The RFID hangtag is intended for the sole use of the individual to whom it has been assigned.
  • Please ensure proper care and handling of the RFID hangtag, as it is reusable and will be used for multiple years.

Should you experience any problems, please see attendant or call 313-577-1979 for assistance.

Lost hangtag

There is a $25.00 replacement fee if your WSU hangtag is lost, stolen or damaged . Please report lost hangtags immediately to the OneCard/Parking Service Center at 313-577-CARD (2273) or stop by the Welcome Center, Room 257.