WSU OneCard debit

One card payment box

If you choose not to join the assigned parking program, you may park in general parking areas with available spaces using the OneCard debit payment method. Most general parking lots are gate-controlled and operate on a swipe-in and swipe-out OneCard system. To enter a general parking lot, swipe your WSU OneCard and the fee will be debited from your account. To exit the parking area, swipe your WSU OneCard again. Using your OneCard debit to park for over 24 hours is a violation of the WSU OneCard and Parking Policy.

Adding funds to the OneCard

You can deposit money online to your WSU OneCard account via a credit card (Visa, MasterCard), at a OneCard Cash Deposit Machine, or by check at the OneCard/Parking Service Center, located in the Welcome Center, Room 257. Funds deposited online at Academica and at a OneCard Cash Deposit Machine are generally available within 15-30 minutes. Funds deposited with a check at the OneCard Parking Service Center are available within 24 hours.

For a complete listing and price chart of all the Wayne State University parking areas please click here.

Finding open general parking areas

General parking facilities are on a first-come, first-served basis. Structures tend to fill general parking spaces and it can take time to look for an open facility. Wayne State Parking and Transportation has a system that will show which facilities are open, full and how many spaces remain. You can see the parking availability at WSU Parking Availability, or  via the WSU Mobile app on your Apple or Android mobile device or the WSU mobile website. For more help finding a parking facility close to your class, please see the campus map or call 313-577-1979.