Student FAQ

  • What do I need to do to sign up for semester parking?

    All Wayne State University students should purchase their parking permit online. Log in using your Access ID, select Purchase Permits and follow the instructions. Please note, you must have your vehicle information (license plate, make, model and year) to purchase your parking pass online.

    We suggest that you view the campus map at to see all structure locations and choose the one that best suits your needs.

    If for any reason a student cannot sign up online, they should bring a copy of their drivers license and vehicle registration to the OneCard/Parking Service Center, located in room 257 on the second floor of the Welcome Center.

  • I live in Wayne State University housing and have visitors coming to see me. Can they park for free? How do they get a permit?

    No, visitors do not park for free.They must pay to park as any visitor would.

    Visitors of residents in University Towers should pull a ticket when entering Parking Structure 8 and pay the fee when leaving the structure at the end of their stay.  If the visitors are planning on staying overnight, a temporary permit can be purchased at the OneCard/Parking Service Center located at 42 W. Warren Ave., Welcome Center, Suite 257.  The office hours are 8:30am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday.

  • How many assigned parking locations can I have?

    Only one parking assignment is allowed per student on the Wayne State University main campus.

    Exceptions may be made for students with disabilities, athletes living in University Towers, and medical/pharmacy students. Students with disabilities can get access at locations nearest their classes. Athletes living in University Towers may get secondary access to Lot 50 (Matthaei) if requested through the OneCard/Parking Service Office. Medical and pharmacy students can get secondary access to a main campus parking facility upon request as space allows.

  • I'm a semester parker. How do I park in an area on campus other than my designated/assigned area?

    If you choose to park somewhere other than your assigned parking area and have sufficient funds on your WSU OneCard, you can gain access by using your OneCard and the cost of the structure/lot will be deducted from your account. You may also pay the visitor rate at that location via the payment options at the parking facility.

  • I'm a semester parker, and my structure closes at midnight. Where can I park so that I can stay late to study with my friends?

    After 7 p.m., your RFID and OneCard will allow you access to Structure 2, which is a 24-hour facility. You should not park for more than 24 hours, but if you must, please inform the attendant on duty.

  • What should I do if the parking structure is locked and closed when I want to leave?

    You should call Wayne State University Police non-emergency number at 313-577-6057 and they will be able to open the structure so you may exit. Only structures 2 and 8 are open 24 hours. See hours of operation for closing times for other locations.

  • What should I do if my assigned parking area is full?

    A full light typically indicates that all the general parking spaces are occupied. If you have assigned parking, the facility you are assigned to should always have an available space, even if the full light is on. If by rare chance the assigned area is actually full, please see the nearest parking attendant for assistance or call 313-577-1979.

  • How do I change my assigned parking area?

    Please stop by the OneCard/Parking Service Office or call 313-577-CARD (2273), located in room 257 on the second floor of the Welcome Center, to check availability of other assigned parking locations.

  • Can I sell or give my assigned parking pass to another WSU student?

    No, you cannot sell or give your assigned parking pass or hangtag to another Wayne State University student. It is a violation of the parking rules and regulations as well as the Student Code of Conduct. Allowing anyone else to use your parking pass or hangtag may cause your parking privileges to be revoked.

  • What should I do if I lose my assigned parking hangtag or it is stolen?

    Please visit the OneCard/Parking Service Office, located in room 257 on the second floor of the Welcome Center.  You may purchase a new hangtag for $25.

  • What do I do if I forgot my OneCard and need to park my car?

    If you have assigned parking, your permit (hangtag) will allow you access without your OneCard. If you have forgotten both, you can give your OneCard number, AccessID or name to the parking attendant for one-day courtesy access.

    If you do not have assigned parking, you must pay the visitor rate at the facility you wish to use. Visitor payments can be made via credit card only in most parking structures. Lots 11, 15, 32, 59, 60 and structures 6 and 8 accept cash.

  • When I get a new OneCard, will my parking transfer?

    Yes, your parking assignment(s) will transfer. If your banner or Wayne State University AccessID changes, please notify the OneCard/Parking Service office at the time of replacement.

  • How do I cancel my parking?

    Click Here to completed the online Cancellation form.

  • How much does parking cost?

    Click on the following link to view the current parking rates: Parking Rates Chart

  • What is premium parking?

    Premium parking is parking that is in high demand due to its close proximity to class rooms and buildings. It is more expensive to park in a premium facility.

    The only premium facilities available for students via OneCard debit are Lot 32 (Law School) and Parking Structure 6 (Welcome Center Garage).

    Parking Structure 6 is the only premium facility available for student semester parking.

  • Can I view the available parking spaces in a particular parking facility?

    Yes; you can see the parking availability at parking structures 1-6 and 8, as well as lots 41, 50 and 75. Parking Services' website has a link in the side bar or you can click here: WSU Parking Availability. You can also view parking availability via the WSU Mobile app on your Apple or Android mobile device.